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Posted on Jul 17, 2021

From 12.01am on Monday, 19 July all construction, in the Greater Sydney area including the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong, and Shellharbour will be paused for two weeks.

Non-urgent maintenance, including cleaning services, and repair work on residential premises will be paused.

We have made some changes to the fund to support businesses and construction workers.

Your workforce can have confidence that if you are forced to close your site or they need to isolate due to COVID-19, then COVID-19 Payments are available.

This payment provides support from the member's PPTEF account and keeps workers connected to you as their employer in the event of a site closure. Like other claim types, employers will need to declare that a worker meets the criteria and is eligible to claim. See below for details

For the period commencing 19 July 2021 to 30 July 2021 inclusive, Employers with Workers eligible for and/or in receipt of COVID-19 Payments shall not be required to make redundancy contributions.

COVID-19 Payments - How to nominate your workforce.

STEP #1 – Login to EmployerLink and head to Manage Workers.

STEP #2 – Search/filter for the relevant worker/s and click their member number to edit their status.

STEP #3 – Select Change Employment Details

STEP #4 – Check the COVID-19 Payment Eligible checkbox

STEP #6 – Save changes.

Once this is completed, worker members can access COVID-19 Claims by logging into their WorkerLink account.

COVID-19 Payments - Eligibility Criteria

COVID-19 Payments are only available to eligible workers.

If a worker member is not earning an income from their employer (including leave entitlements) and have not been promised any income over the next 2 weeks because:

  • of site closures by their employer due to COVID-19; or
  • they are required by a medical professional to self-isolate due to exposure to COVID-19 for any period prescribed by federal or state governments
    then they can claim a COVID-19 Payment.

Employer's must also complete a declaration via EmployerLink to confirm the conditions above.

COVID-19 Payments - Additional Information

Eligible PPTEF worker members will be able to access COVID-19 Payments from their account of $7,500 or the balance of your account (whichever amount is lower).

Workers can access an additional payment, 28 days after the initial payment is made as long as you continue to meet the eligibility criteria and funds remain in your PPTEF account.

For more updates visit, call us on 1300 346 033 or email

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