For Employers

Plumbing & Pipe Trades Entitlement Fund is powered by Incolink, Australia’s most secure worker entitlements scheme.

Employer Membership

Being an employer member of the Plumbing & Pipe Trades Entitlement Fund has many benefits for your business.

Quality Service - PPTEF has a dedicated team of customer support members ready to assist you with any enquiries you may have. Our easy to use online portal means that managing your employees, invoices and notifications are at the touch of your fingertips. If there's a question you need answering, give us a call on 1300 346 033 or email us at

Cost savings - Plumbing & Pipe Trades Entitlement Fund takes care of your redundancy compliance obligations creating long term savings. Your workforce is taken care of when the job is done, avoiding a large payout at the end of projects.

Industry Training - We're proud to subsidise OHS and skills based training. Like you, the PPTEF is committed to a safe, skilled and productive workforce.

Applying for Membership

Becoming an Plumbing & Pipe Trades Entitlement Fund Employer Member is easy. To approve an application we need the following documents:

  1. A completed Membership Application & Deed of Adherence
  2. A copy of your Industrial Instrument that has been approved by Fair Work Commission or currently in the process of being approved.

Once you have emailed us your application for membership, it takes approximately two to five working days for Plumbing & Pipe Trades Entitlement Fund to process and approve the application.

Once approved, employers will receive a confirmation email including Member Number, temporary password and further information about Plumbing & Pipe Trades Entitlement Fund Membership.

We'll also have one of our friendly team contact you for a 1-on-1 training session to go through the ins and outs of PPTEF Membership. This will include an overview of how to access your online account through EmployerLink.

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Industrial Instrument – this could be an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) or an Enterprise Agreement (EA) that stipulates contributions to Plumbing & Pipe Trades Entitlement Fund; or a relevant Award that has provisions to contribute to an industry-specific Redundancy Scheme.

Manage your Account Online

Our online portal, EmployerLink allows you to manage:

  • Company information
  • Company representatives (EmployerLink users)
  • Invoices and payments
  • Your employees' contact details
  • The employment status of your employees

For help managing your account, call us on 1300 346 033 or email us at


Employer Members will receive an invoice each month via email notification. The invoice is based on:

  1. the number of workers listed and
  2. the number of weeks in that month.

You can edit your workforce and the number of weeks they have worked

using EmployerLink online and changes will be applied to the monthly invoice. Once you have edited and finalised the invoice you can pay your account on time and avoid late fees.

Tax Information

The PPTEF is an Approved Worker Entitlement Fund. Click here to review our letter of endorsement from the Australian Tax Office.

Refer to the below table for employer tax impacts.

Tax ImpactDescriptionIssuerSource
Redundancy contributions are tax deductibleAs an Approved Worker Entitlement Fund, redundancy contributions into PPTEF are allowable income tax deductions.ATOIncome Tax Assessment Act 1997
Redundancy contributions are exempt from FBTRedundancy contributions do not attract fringe benefits tax. PPTEF has been endorsed as an Approved Worker Entitlement Fund. This means that employers are not liable for fringe benefits tax on redundancy contributions paid into PPTEF.ATOFringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986
NSW payroll tax exemptionRedundancy contributions are exempt from NSW payroll tax to the extent they are exempt from income tax.Revenue NSWPTA 004

Worker Claims

To allow your workers to claim their redundancy benefit, employers are required to confirm their employees’ termination by completion of Termination of Worker section in EmployerLink.

Once this is complete, your employees will be able to access their WorkerLink account to claim from their account.

For queries regarding worker claims, call us on 1300 346 033 or email us at