For Workers

The Plumbing & Pipe Trades Entitlement Fund is committed to helping workers through tough times. We’ve got your back and your redundancy entitlements will be there when you need them. That’s our guarantee to you.


Plumbing and Pipe Trades Entitlement Fund members get a better redundancy rate and faster claims compared with other funds. Money in your account is your entitlement. We won't reduce the value of your account - even in an economic downturn.

Your account gives you the opportunity to claim tax-free if made genuinely redundant. If you’re employment ends for any other reason, you will still be eligible to claim at the applicable tax rate.

You can find more information on Redundancy, Taxation and your Entitlements here.

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For more information about your entitlements, claiming and taxation, here's some fact sheets we've put together.

Make a Claim

When your job finishes up, claiming your entitlements is quick and easy using our online portal, WorkerLink.

Claiming is quick and easy.

  1. Register for online access to WorkerLink and login to your account.
  2. Your employer will notify us that your employment has ended. This will allow you to claim.
  3. Head to the My Claims screen to begin.
  4. Complete all the steps to claim
  5. Once your claim is successfully submitted, we'll process it within 24 business hours.

The reason your employment has ended (as declared by your employer) will determine what tax rate is applied to your claim. For example, if you are made genuinely redundant, you will be eligible for the lowest or nil taxation applied to your claim.